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the hooch. 94 years ago. today. and that's "shepard smith reporting" on a monday afternoon. see you whenever breaking news changes everything. now you see her, now you don't. the obama administration taking down the smiley face lady and replacing her with this. but maybe it's time they replace her with this. ♪ >> welcome everybody, happy or not so happy monday. i'm neil cavuto and this is your world. now there's talk of rebilling the whole darn thing. >> i know they called in another private entity to try to help with the security of it. the problem is, they may have to redesign the entire system. the way the system is designed it is not secure.
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>> and an enter rebuild in a few weeks. that's what they're talking about. to web experts, who say not a chance. so, you're looking at this and saying, that is just not feasible. why not? >> it's very difficult task to accomplish. they've taken months, if not a year or so to even build where it is today. if they're thinking of rebuilding it from scratch, just thinking 0 month, building the whole thing, it's a herculean task. >> they saying they don't want to scrap the whole thing and can do this in a few weeks, just sort of, i guess, building server capacity, but it doesn't mean you junk the whole thing but you can quickly salvage it. can you? >> you could. you could. >> i think what needs to happen here, this project has to be built up into phases -- has to
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be broken down into phases, in into small groups. the government has 0 look to a community of experts that can break it down into small groups and identify different issues that were experiencing right now, security being one of them, infrastructure, and user interface. then you can step aside, look at working modules in the industry, implement some of the working modules that are doing well with the consumer, without risking any user information, and without taking back from the experience of the security phase. you have to -- the average consumer is worried right now. they hear in the media this web site is not working. their data is not secure and they're not getting the results. you have to look how to fix it. i don't think it's weeks but could be a few months. >> a few months -- all right, a
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few months to do something that up to now it's not been able to do, that is, better than 20 million americans hopped on this, fewer than 450,000 were able to get through and at least get to the application process. what would ill take to change that, whether it's servers or added oomph to get you to the few months? >> i think they've done a good job bysome of the basic structure, where they at least started giving out pricing information without logging in. a great first step. the next step might be doing the registration without doing the information to the irs and other systems, to get validation. if the person's information is true or not. so, those breaking it down into steps like that might help achieve the goal quicker, and definitely talking to experts who have gone through this process before, maybe not
1:04 pm, but google, or twitter, these guys who have actually spent a lot of time and effort in building these type of web sites would know and would be able to foresee what type of problems are there, and maybe having them advise. >> i agree. that would have been nice in the three years this was in the planning stages. didn't happen, but may maybe hope springs eternal, it's not too late to fix this. do you think it's do-able, but just working off the structure they have, that the structure is sound? you can beef up the capacity and that once in, people will be pleasantly surprised and realize it is a very web-friendly environment and good for the user. >> sure. >> as to my colleague said here, the consumer has to be identified for the first stem when they come into the web site. right now it's very general.
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of you take acknowledge average consumer and ask elementary, basic questions, you separate that user long a process of user interface, by the time they get to the third page, you isolated the information they're looking for. right now it's congested. you lose your way in the process. to your other question about servers, definitely would inacross the server capable, spread it out. there is a phase that needs to happen that hasn't happened, of testing different load balances of between 200,000 people and two million people at the same time. it hasn't been done. once you do that you can at least secure the web site is not going to crash when it's important for the user to actually navigate through it. >> that's assuming that the people want to go on to the site and try it out. once burnt they might be more than twice shy on that. >> yes. exactly. the use irright now is in a stage where they're not sure what to expect when they go to a site like this.
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you have to gain their trust back and make the process as simple and easy as you can, and i think that will take a few months, and if you fix that, you fix the security and the server environment, you might have a product for the consumer. >> do you agree? >> certainly i agree that would be a thing. we have to keep in mind that other sites, like when gmail came out. they had a two year -- they had a rollout, state by state exchange rollout would make things more confident in the consumer and that's the direction i would head it. >> thank you, gentlemen. before lady gaga in a concert, the white house was going gaga for her support of the healthcare law, but it's not exactly getting young people to go gaga over this thing, whether it's the clothed lady gaga or
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not. what's the problem with young people here? what are they discovering? >> well, what we found -- remember, the obama administration said, one of the few really pieces of good news in all of this, was that there were a number of states that run their own exchanges, not that big federal, but their own exchanges and they were getting big signup numbers but some of the states with big signup numbers, a very large percent of them are people who are signing up for medicaid, which is about half of the people are anticipated to sign up for obamacare through medicaid, the low income federal health program. bus this is way more than that. in the state of washington state, 87% of the new enrollees in obamacare are meds okayed in kentucky, it's 82%. this is way, way more than they anticipated. the problem is the people on medicaid do not necessarily represent the younger and healthier enrollees that
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obamacare has to have if it's going to work. >> i wonder if they factored in that young people by nature feel indestructible at that age, and health issues are not a concern, and i find you have to state the tops get them to do anything you say, like, don't clean the dishes. don't do what i'm telling you to do, and they just might. so telling them to do something or recommended they do something, almost breeds the type of generally contrarian nature young people have by virtue of being young. >> right. the obama administration i studying whatever way it can use to reach these young people, because the problem is, if the only people who are signing up for obamacare are older, are less healthy, that is going to send premium rates going upward unless a corresponding number of younger and healthier people sign up who won't actually be buying that much health care. so the administration is
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studying ways to sign these people up. as far as medicaid is concerned, the states have found more creative ways to actually reach them. for example, oregon, there are 250,000 people who are on food stamps in oregon. the state of oregon has got in touch with every single one of them saying, you can sign up for expanded medicaid coverage under obamacare and they've got an whole lot of them to do that. that's one way they're reaching and get these medicaid patients who are easier to reach than the invincibles, youth, who have not signed up for obamacare yet. >> thank you. from a broken web site to outright broken promises, ed henry is at the white house on defense. >> reporter: the bottom line is they still feel they're going to get the web site fixed by the end of november, the prom mess they made last week, and they also believe that when they get the web site troubles behind them, that people are going to focus on the substance of the law and that believe that's going to show that millions more
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are going to get insurance, and that many others are going to see their premium goes down. although whatted they don't want to admit but did at mid today when i pressed jay carny, is the fact that the president repeatedly sold this law, if you currently have health insurance, you can keep your plan, no matter what. the president said that repeatedly without any cav -- caveat. today jay carney admitted that is no longer true. take a listen. >> from that podium will you admit that when the president said, if you have a plan, you'll get to keep it, that was not true? >> well, let's just be clear. what the president said and what everybody said all along is that they're going to be changes brought about by the affordable care act to create minimum standards of coverage. minimum services that every insurance plan has to provide. >> but the bottom line is, right now, there are 14 million people who buy their plan themselves because they don't get insurance through their employer. those folks are getting
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cancellation letters around the country. hundreds of thousands of cancellation letters going out. jay carney's opinion is, basically those folks will go into changes and get better insurance in the long run, having better health care, although that leaves occupy the fact of the matter is they're not going to keep their plans as the president had said over and over again. >> that would be, ed, can't believe my white house pass still works, henry in washington. thank you, my friend. in the mean jim, we'll speak with a woman who is being told she cannot keep her healthcare plan. but first. the president, the nsa has been spying on the german chancellor? meet the former cia guy who says, fat chance. e basics, you . i got this. [thinking] is it that time? the son picks up the check? [thinking] i'm still working. he's retired. i hope he's saving.
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including angela merkel, is a crime. the chief washington correspond james rosen on the white house furiously trying to deflect a spying scandal that seems to be growing by the minute. james? >> every day seems to bring word of another european country ticked off at the u.s., specifically the national security agency, and today, it was our ally in madrid. the spanish secretary of state for the european union summoning our ambassador for a dressing-down over recent published allegations they national security agency collected data from 60 million phone calls in spain within a 30-day period last year. afterward, the country's foreign mill -- minister explained the stakes for the session. >> question asked the ambassador that he facilitates to the government all the necessary information about these concerns. which the event they are confirmed would mean a rupture in the climate of confidence which traditionally existed in the relations between our two countries. >> president obama mostly
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deflects dueling reports assaulting the president knew about the spying on german chancellor angela merkel three years ago and greenlighted it to continue. another report saying that mr. obama was kept in the dark about the spying on merkel for five years before learning of is this summer and oring an end to it. jay corney would not comment except to say the president did not know about it, quote, until he knew about it. neil? >> that solves that. james, thank you very much. well, is it really possible the president had no clue about this? a former cia operative wayne so many monday says no, monica crowley says, either way, doesn't look good. wayne to you first. there's no way he couldn't know about it. >> neil, we have to quickly rush back 50 years, 45 years, to operation chaos that was a cia operation that was run in the '60s to spy on american sub
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versesives outside the country and translated right back into the united states. president johnson knew about it and condoned it. president nixon knew about and it condoned it. when we found out about it changed the way the cia operated sort there's virtually no we that the spying on a western president or leader took place without the president of the united states knowing about it and he would have been briefed every morning in his threat matrix or threat presentation given by the dci. >> mon nick cashing it's just as scare, if not more so to say he didn't? >> if agree with wayne. having worked for president nixon during the last years of his life, we talk about this stuff all the time. it's 'conceivable that the american commander in chief tide not know this is going on. let's say we are to take him at his word, why,!u i have no ide. but take hip at his word he didn't know. then you have the case of gross
1:18 pm
instance competency the commander in chief doesn't know what is going on with the top spy agency right under his nose. >> if americans are spying on people -- >> come on. everybody is identifying on everybody so this european outrage is faux outrage, we can't believe the u.s. is spying on us. we're spying on them, they're spying on us. the question is, how credible is the president of the it's when he says i didn't know about this. this is a guy that has used the same line on the irs scandal, on ben georgia say, on fast and furious, which involved an international border and the transfer of guns across an international border. he didn't know anything about that. the obamacare web site failed. didn't know about that. this guy were we told was the most brilliant man to run for the presidency. now we're supposed to believe he done know what is going on? >> you can be a big picture guy.
1:19 pm
i'm trying to give the benefit of the doubt. you're hateres, obviously. if you're looking at the big picture, you don't have time to get caught in the weeds, just as you said nixon got caught in the watergate weeds. i'm saying it's possible, it is possible, it's just as dangerous, if not more so but you seem to be arguing it is impossible. that's what you're saying. right, wayne? >> what i'm saying, neil, is this. if president obama did not know about this, that is normally what guys like in my business, what we call a conspiracy. and if it's a conspiracy, then somebody on capitol hill neat -- needs to get on their house and find out who was running a program like this against our leaders, leaders of another nation, and as monica said, this is phony nonsense with these leaders acting like they're all upset. everybody knows what is going
1:20 pm
on. but as joe wilson so eloquently put it, neil, in the state of union address, if the president of the it's now says he didn't know about it, then he is lying. >> here's one issue i'll raise with you. if the president is detached on these issues and allows this underlings to do this stuff you could read, if you're working for him, the boss is detached. we can go ahead and screw up the shop. >> that's no excuse. you're making an argument -- >> i'm not at all. if you provide the atmosphere, then everyone around you will run crazy all over you. >> that could be the casa, could well be the case. >> then he is grossly incompetent as the commander in chief and the chief executive of the united states. you have two options, either grossly inexcept or lying, pick one. i know which one i would choose.
1:21 pm
>> neil, neil, i'm not a hater. i'm not a hater. >> no, you're not. understood. >> okay. >> i would always go with grossly incompetent. that's what works for me. i built a career on it. >> now they're tacking and taxing. why getting behind the wheel could put you behind the eight ball.
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after fbn reported it, the mileage tax, get ready for other states to follow suit. >> can you imagine the people of oregon going along with putting a gps in the car so the government can -- >> we were wondering how do they know how far you're driving? >> more states are looking into this as a way to raise revenue, putting black boxes in people's car to tax them by the mile.
1:25 pm
the devices can either track where you are and that has a lot of privacy experts worried. but should they? attorney says no, they should not. but michelle says, well you know what? this is the government going berserk. michelle, ye of little faith. >> of course i'm berserk over this. why do you have to know where i'm going? >> i'm not. it's the government. >> it's this little information, this is why we need this information-but it gross into something else, and this kind of information winds up becoming too valuable to other agencies. so, while it may in itself inception be an innocent inquiry, it could possibly grow into something else, just like easy pass where they're nailing people for speeding. >> because they can keep the gas between exits, but it does lead to that kind of fear. >> i do understand that things can always get out of control. but just because things could go down some kind of bad slippery
1:26 pm
slope doesn't mean we should too something that guess and valuable today if we're doing it correctly. in this situation it's not done in a way that is hidden and the information that it is collecting is not information -- >> putting a black box on your car. >> driving a car is a privilege. we already kind of -- >> spying on me when i'm in it is not. >> it's not spying. >> yes, it is. >> if you tell me the black box is recording my conversations, i would have a problem. it would be a different thing. this is a situation where it's just recording where i'm driving and how long, and it's directly related to what they're going to use that information for, which is responsible money collecting. they're going to use -- >> what i fear is the next step. get in an accident and they're using that to either get the burden off the company that made the car or what have you. it has other nefarious use. >> the information is too tempting to not be exploited. >> how else would you police something like this, to charge people by the mile? >> that's really the issue.
1:27 pm
how else would you do? >> has to be an across the board tax. the only fair way. >> i disagree. the only fair way to tax people for roadway use is to pay attention to who uses the roadway. otherwise we're going to bear unequally. >> do they have tolls in oregon? >> i have never been there. >> in new jersey and new york it's fairly easy on the predominant major roads are you -- where you can monitor that. >> i live in new jersey. we are already being taxed biased on proportional -- >> we don't have black boxes in our car. >> it's not necessary because of the roadway system but in a system without the conditionable, this makes sense. >> you're okay with giving this to the government. >> if you want to watch me drive by -- >> just go to russia if that's how you feel. i don't think she loves her
1:28 pm
country. >> i don't think she does, either. i'm the patriot here. >> sounds like that. i'm disappointed in both of you. >> that's nothing new. >> thank you very much. other states are taking an interest in what oregon is doing. so the got shuts down, right? and now santa shuts down? the latest dispute for lousy numbers. republicans did it and, santa, don't you forget it. ♪ you're a mean one, mr. grin. ♪ you really are a heel. ♪ you're as cuddly as a cactus. ♪ you're as charming as an eel. ♪ mr. grin. down. put the clutch in, break it, break it. (dad) st like i showed you. dad, you didn't show me, you showed him. dad, he's gonna wreck the car! (dad) he's not gonna wreck the car. (dad) no fighting in the road, please. (d) put your blinker on. (son) you didn't even give me a chance! (dad) ok. (mom vo) we got the new subaru because nothing could break
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. as the government shutdown risking pulling the entire economy down, to read the front page of u.s.a. today, the hanover is all here, but jim isn't buying it. the argument is something like this. the debt 26 to 28 billion-dollar to the company, reverberates, stops the yuletide sales, stops us in our tracks. you don't necessarily agree. >> neil, who are they trying to kid? we have seen several months in a row of lousy, barely there jobs numbers there and parttime jobs instead of fulltime jobs. retail sales have been slipping for several months. we have had property, plant and
1:33 pm
equipment investment disappear over the last two years, even the housing market, the bright spot of the recovery, has been coming off for the last several months. now, several mocks into the slow down, they want us to believe a two-week shutdown because a difference functional washington is going to disrupt the consumer christmas season? it's already been disrupted by bad behavior on the fiscal side, and if you don't believe me, ask the federal reserve word, they're printing $85 billion a month. it's english. they wouldn't be doing that if they didn't think the economy stinks. >> just look at basic math on the numbers. a multitrillion dollar economy, talking about something that is rounding and rounding when you talk about the government disruption, to say nothing of the sequestration cut that both sides agreed to because there was a backup for supposedly a budget backbone, and yet in the scheme of things, those 50
1:34 pm
$5 billion to $20 billion were half that size and they're barely a blip. >> it's a rounding error, not a big enough part of the economy. most of that money came back in anyway. so this is really just trying to politicize a nonevent and ignoring the beggar problem. we have a very sadistic tax code, makes small business owners not want to take a risk and put money in property, plant and equipment. those kind of investments are the kind that create jobs that put money in people's pockets, and set the backdrop for people to spend money. a two-week shutdown on a small part of the government has very little to do with economic development and we have seen an economic slowdown, the federal reserve board said it as well, for several months in a row. much ado about nothing. >> i wonder if there's a pattern to this. if you can argue and make a big deal of every government
1:35 pm
shutdown, however brief, every hit, no matter how mall, every sequestration cut, no matter now insignificant, you can make an argument for never cutting spending and you can then understand when nancy pelosi says there's no more room in the cupboard to cut, and you can understand why harry reid goes on national tv to say, americans are for tax hikes, every american. now i begin to understand the method to the madness. >> they would have us believe we can just keep raising the limit on the credit card and never have any repercussions. guess what in when you raise the limit, the payment gets bigger and the modify that comes in goes to those payments. that's what happens in this difference functional economy, where they lead to us believe that the only solution is more and more government spending, which hasn't worked at all, but that is the only solution even to the it means more and more of our tax dollars are going to pay interest on our debt service.
1:36 pm
it's really making for a muddy economy. always done so in the history of the planet and yet they want us to believe that's the solution. in terms of dysfunction in washington, that's a problem. i hear business owners talk about it all the time. they don't understand the tack code, what their healthcare costs will be. regulations go up every day. who wants to hire in that kind of environment? so yeah, you can blame washington, but don't bottom line this little two-week time period. this is a problem going on for a long time and is only get worse. >> thank you very much. multi trillion dollar economy, tiny little shutdown. a year after this. time to just bail out home owners who say the hell with it? after this. ♪
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perhaps the most scrutinizet with numbers that beat the street handily in tumor -- in
1:40 pm
terms of overall sales. the mark was expecting north of 8.26 a share. the company sold 33.8 million iphones. they don't break down what iphones -- the latest iphone incarnation debuted in the final week of the quarter. nevertheless, wall street is crunching all of this and saying, well, the numbers are respectable, they're not so good to justify running away and buying the stock like crazy. it's down 4% in after-hours trading, monica had a chance to crunch this. so many high expectations into apple, and i wonder whether this report throws some water on that or encourages that? what do you think? >> i think analysts are looking for two things. at the velocity of sales, how much ipads and iphones were they selling and also looking at profit margins in we have seen the profitable of apple products decline and this has been driven by the fact we have seen
1:41 pm
back-to-back product launches, and in the tech world when you have a product launch, it's expensive and you need to see economy of scale, and with these numbers today, we're actually seeing lower sales than the streets had hope for in terms of units sold. so that's material and a little worse than we were looking for. >> apple is in a damned if you do, damned if you don't position, everytime the announce a new product, or people know it's coming, they hold off buying the products out there. how much of a factor is that getting to be for apple, all these technology guys, as we rifle through the cycle times on this? >> i feel like they're still milking that cow that was harvested first by steve jobs. we haven't seen anything really revolutionary come out of apple for a while, and so while you see these little product improvements, that i'm sure make customers pull back a little bit, we haven't seen anybody that blows our mind for a while, and until we see that there's
1:42 pm
going to be a lot of fear about apple and its future. >> are these latest introductions, the hot new ipads and minipad, going to be enough to get into the holiday big numbers or is that a problem? >> i think you're seeing they're continuing to stick to the street guidance. they're not blowing anyone's mine. just sort of there. we need too see something innovative to show they can carry on jobs' legacy. >> we should let you in on a little secret that wall street knows. apple always downplays and it then tries to, after an earnings report, come up on a high side. in the meantime, year after sandy, an offer that new york states hope that home owners would find too good to refuse. paying those whose homes were destroyed by sandy the full value of the homes before sandy hit. no surprising for those home owners that's a big hit.
1:43 pm
what about for taxpayers? joe led the buy-out for one stat -- staten island community. >> as a home owner i think it's great, and as a taxpayer it's great. >> the fear is that you're giving an unjustifiable amount to an area and a real estate zone that might have a permanent blight on it. you say that's not the case. >> no. definitely not the case. time heals all wounds, but if you continue to have hurricanes, without a doubt it would be a pretty big impredment on values. but in terms of fairness, it's very fair to taxpayers because it's been proven, actually, if you go on the fema web site and look at the mitigation grant program, which is what the governor modeled his program after, it gives you in the mitigation program, two forms of metmet gages, one is elevation, you actually use money to
1:44 pm
elevate the homes and repair it. and the other is acquisition, and they have done studies and the studies prove that acquisition is by far better economically. >> been the government essentially says, we'll buy you out for what was the value we think of your home prior to sandy hitting. the reality now for a lot of taxpayers listening to this, sandy hits. this area seems vulnerable to this sort of thing despite the rebuilding going on. so we might be hitting up taxpayers for getting walloped all over again. you say what to that? >> basically if you can look at the fox beat section of open beaches, the phase one buy-out part of the program, and in 1992, there was a nor'easter and there was about maybe five or civics feet of flooding in the area, and just about everyone in the community filed flood claims. a lot of thes hows raided the
1:45 pm
level to the new fema level and those housed that were raised in 1992 were virtually destroyed in this storm. so, here you good again. now they have to pay claims again. so, it's almost like, if they question this, question the whole validity of the national flood insurance program, you can't abandon that. that would be a complete disaster. >> what happens to those who accepted some settlement or something that -- and they're not included in this? they're rightly going to be. hurt won life. >> the ones that have to rebuild, there are programs out there. the city is trying too help them rebuild. burt the way the governor did this, the way he chose us, is because actually it saves additional moneys because by the entire neighborhood, 185 out of 185 homes will two there's only one holdout and i don't believe she'll continue to hold out, specially when the houses start coming down.
1:46 pm
this area will act what was spendded to do by nature which is be a sponge. it's in the middle of the mash. the inland portion of the island are going to benefit if there is another storm surge. it will be pretty much almost virtually absorbed by where there used to be these homes. and so, therefore, you're saving more money if you look at it from that perspective. it's hard to quantify what would the damage have been, but there's an advantage to those homes who were damaged in this storm but not as significantly as the fox beach area. so it's a win-win as far as i'm concerned. >> joseph, thank you very much. >> thank you very much. >> well, forget about this logging into the healthcare web site, wait until you read in the nasty little surprise you're in for. stick around. ♪ as your life and career change, fidelity is there
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if you like your healthcare plan, you will be able to keep your healthcare plan. period. >> my next guest says she can't peep is, -- keep it, period, and now she is finding out how much more she'll be paying for it. natalie good, to have you. that has become a familiar theme behind the reason and rational for the healthcare law to provide coverage for those who don't have it and assure those who do can keep the coverage they have. you found out not 0 necessarily the case. explain. >> nope, not the case for me. i called my insurer to find out what my new provisions would be, and i found out that all of the plans my insurer provided, all of them would be canceled and replaced with new plans, and these new plans were supposedly going to be better and give me
1:51 pm
more coverage, but i found out i have nothing available to me that is even remotely close could what i paid before. >> did you have a cadillac plan? >> i did not. it was $199 a month. my maximum deductible for the year was 1500, and then everything was covered afterwards, and now the plan they've offering me is $278 a month, 6500 out of pocket deductible and then the most alarming part they'll only cover 70% of my costs after that. so now i'm definitely in a position where i'll be bankrupted if i get ill or seriously injured, where i wasn't before. >> $6,500 seems a little eye-popping. did you try the site again or take your luck saying if i replug these numbers in i might get a different result? >> no. i've been on the exchange. don't have any -- even though lowest level plans are way more expensive. so what's happening is now i have to take a plan that is
1:52 pm
going to be $200 more per month than what i was paying before. i don't have a choice. >> do you have any preexisting issues? i don't mean to get personal. trying to think what would make it jump. >> what is funny is my insurer, insured me after other insurers had claimed i had a preexisting condition. i don't know what that was. my insure 'er was fine. i'm a perfectly healthy 29-year-old woman, nonspoker, don't have any health issues. >> wow. this whole law is about recruiting young people like yourself, young people are going to listen to this and say, why should i sign up. others who advocate the program says hers is obviously unique situation, then. she is an exception to the rule, novelty the rule. what do you say? >> i am totally -- like i said i have always had insurance. i have my own plan when my husband and i could have again on his work plan. is was cheaper for my family.
1:53 pm
i've been very responsible, and now i think that most people don't really understand what is happening because they either aren't insured or they have insurance through their work or their family, and so people don't even know they're supposed to go on the exchange. go on the exchange, don't understand what they're locking at or understand that the hospital that is closest to them isn't necessarily going to be on their insurance. i don't think people really understand what is happening. >> wow. natalie, hang in there. in the meantime, i new russell brand had fans. i did not know that one have then fans was harry reid.
1:54 pm
1:55 pm
1:56 pm
i think a system based on the heavy tax action of corporations and massive responsibility for energy companies and any company that is exploiting the environment. i think the very concept of profit should be hugely reduced. david cameron says profit isn't
1:57 pm
a bad word. i say profit is a bad word. >> are the republicans in the congress, everybody else, they want to pay more. >> one's a comic. the other's got to be a clown. i guess i am trying to figure out who is who. russell brand for rallying against capitalism or harry reid for rallying against, well, i guess capital. brand went on a tirade over the chasm between the rich and the poor. maybe he should talk to reid who will take all his dough and leave him poor. what reid is saying isn't different from what brandon is saying. we're not taxing enough. it's one thing for a comic to say that maybe for effect. it's quite another for a u.s. senate democratic leader to say that because he could have a huge effect. even on rich guys like brand. act weigh, especially rich guys
1:58 pm
like brand. then i wonder if the british comic would find all of it so funn deadly serious. just saying in a radio university that not only do we need more taxes, everybody's willing to pay more taxes. reid's just the latest in a string of clowns, i mean politicians, saying there's no real need to cut spending. pelosi recently argued the cub board is bare, there's no more stuff to cut. i was waiting for the laugh track. she and other prominent democrats are not joking. in the face of a $17 trillion debt, they've all but said with a straight face our spending work here is done. it's time to tax more. and spend more. and tax some more. and then spend some more. little did russell brand know that his mindless musings on money in britain would be acted out by politicians hoping to seize more money in the u.s. of a. he might be careful biting the corporate hand that feeds him
1:59 pm
and glamourizes him. pretty soon, that corporation will run out of dough. then let's see if brand still draws the babes or, once penniless, he starts sounding more like a baby. i don't know. but i'm grflabbergasted. the push to tax every mile you drive, driving some of you mad. sandra posting, is that all they do in washington, is think up ways to get all our money? i assume they want us on food stamps. there's nothing left for food. carrie tweets, taxing cars is a major invasion of privacy. there's also the fact that we're taxed enough already. and here's silence. what's next? ankle bracelets and a sidewalk tax? as a matter of fact, they're looking at ankle bracelets and a sidewalk tax. 33 years ago today, something
2:00 pm
ronald reagan said that's coming back in spades. we didn't listen then. i wonder if we're listening now? that was then. it's happening big time now. fbn, be there. you don't get it. >> demand it. hi, everyone. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." since obama care failed to launch, the administration's been the butt of ongoing late-night tv jokes. "saturday night live"'s been having a field day. >> a lot of folks have been talking about our new health care enrollment website, how it's been crashing and freezing and shutting down and stalling and not working and breaking and sucking. unfortunately, the site was only designed to handle six users at a time. so if you're in a

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